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Plenary Speakers

  1. Hiroshi Amano – Nobel Prize Winner
    Nagoya University, Japan
    Transformative Electronics Based on GaN and Related Materials for Realizing Sustainable Smart Society

  2. Shuji Nakamura – Nobel Prize Winner
    LED and Laser Diodes

  3. Yusuke Mori
    Osaka University, Japan
    Recent Progress of GaN Growth by Na-flux Method

  4. Sylwester Porowski
    IHPP PAS, Poland
    Is the phase diagram of GaN anomalous in respect to other tetrahedrally bonded semiconductors?

  5. Zlatko Sitar
    AlGaN - a semiconductor that nature has never intended

  6. Chris Van de Walle
    Acceptors in nitrides: doping, compensation, and impact on device performance

Invited Speakers

Growth and Characterization

  1. Shigefusa F. Chichibu
    Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM) and Department of Applied Physics, Tohoku University, Japan
    Acidic ammonothermal growth of GaN

  2. Hajime Fujikura
    SCIOCS, Japan
    HVPE as a new tool for homo-epitaxial growth of highly-pure and thick GaN drift layers for power devices

  3. Carsten Hartmann
    IKZ, Germany
    On the preparation of AlN single crystal boules and substrates, and subsequent epitaxy for AlGaN devices

  4. Yoshinao Kumagai
    TUAT, Japan
    Thermodynamics on HVPE of group-III nitrides

  5. Tomasz Sochacki
    IHPP PAS, Poland
    Recent progress in HVPE-GaN growth on ammonothermally grown GaN seeds

  6. Xinqiang Wang
    Peking University, China
    InN films with high electron mobility

  7. Ke Xu
    Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, CAS., China
    Growth of GaN substrate by HVPE, progress and challenge

  8. Marcin Zajac
    Ammono-Lab; IHPP PAS, Poland
    Basic ammonothermal growth of GaN

  9. Jaime Freitas
    NRL, USA
    A new method to achieve efficient iron doping of HVPE GaN substrates

  10. Marcin Sarzyński
    Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Poland
    InGaN quantum structures on patterned substrates

  11. Jung Han
    Yale University, USA
    Stacking-fault-free (20-2-1) GaN on 4” sapphire substrates: a pathway to commercialize semipolar optoelectronics

  12. Martin Albrecht
    IKZ, Germany
    InGaN still to be discovered

  13. Rachel Oliver
    Cambridge University, UK
    Defects in nitride semiconductors

  14. Tomoyuki Tanikawa
    Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan
    Two-photon-excitation photoluminescence and its recent progress

  15. Atsushi Tanaka
    Nagoya University, Japan
    Observation of Dislocation Propagation in GaN on GaN Structure with a Multiphoton Excitation Photoluminescence Microscope

  16. Andrzej Wysmolek
    University of Warsaw, Poland
    Excitonic spectra of ultra-thin epitaxial boron nitride layers grown by MOCVD

  17. Mike Leszczynski
    Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Poland
    X-ray Diffraction in Nitride Technology - most common mistakes and new opportunities

  18. Lutz Kirste
    Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics, Germany
    Defect Structure Analysis of GaN Substrates by Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Techniques

  19. Pierre Ruterana
    CNRS, France
    Spontaneous formation of quantum wells, ordering and composition fluctuations in (11-22) semipolar AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown by plasma enhanced MBE

  20. Hideto Miyake
    Mie University, Japan
    Homoepitaxy of AlN on annealed AlN/sapphire template

  21. Lukasz Janicki
    Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland
    Determination of the Fermi Level in Doped GaN by Contactless Electroreflectance

  22. Lars Grieger
    Malvern Panalytical B.V., Netherlands
    Williamson-Hall Analysis on Epilayers - A critical review of common practice

  23. Julita Smalc-Koziorowska
    Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Poland
    Differences in the mechanism of strain relaxation of InGaN buffer layers deposited on GaN/sapphire templates and GaN bulk substrates

  24. Ramon Collazo
    North Carolina State University, USA
    Controlling Si Doping Limits in Al Rich AlGaN: Knee Behavior and Low Doping Limits

  25. Masatomo Sumiya, Japan
    National Institute for Materials Science
    Evaluation of Structure and In-Gap States of Ion-implanted GaN Films by Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy

Optoelectronic Devices

  1. Nicolas Grandjean
    EPFL, Switzerland
    Burying surface defects in InGaN underlayer to increase blue LED efficiency

  2. Valentin Jmerik
    IOFFE Institute, Russia
    Plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy of monolayer-thick GaN/AlN heterostructures for high efficient sub-250-nm UV emitters

  3. Sylvia Hagedorn
    Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Germany
    Influence of AlN/sapphire substrate properties on growth and performance of AlGaN-based UV LEDs

  4. Hideki Hirayama
    RIKEN, Japan
    Recent progress of AlGaN deep-UV LEDs by increasing light-extraction efficiency

  5. Grzegorz Muziol
    IHPP PAS, Warsaw, Poland
    Long-living laser diodes grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy

  6. Siddharth Rajan
    The Ohio State University, USA
    Tunnel Junctions for Next Generation III-Nitride Optoelectronics

  7. Xiaohang Li
    KAUST, Saudi Arabia
    Significantly enhanced performance for AlGaN UV LED by employing a thin BAlN electron blocking layer

  8. Youngjae Park
    Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
    375-nm Optically Pumped Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers with Air-Gap/Al0.05Ga0.95N Distributed Bragg Reflectors

  9. Mi-Hee Ji
    Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
    States Growth and Device Characterization of III-N Deep-Ultraviolet Avalanche Photodiodes and Arrays

Electronic Devices

  1. Travis Anderson
    NRL, USA
    Vertical Power Devices Enabled by Bulk GaN Substrates

  2. Debdeep Jena
    Cornell University, USA
    Growth, Physics, and Applications of Tunneling Nitride Structures

  3. Isik C. Kizilyalli
    Advanced Research Project Agency - Energy,
    U.S. Department of Energy, USA
    Current and future directions in power electronic devices based on wide band-gap semiconductors

  4. Tomas Palacios
    MIT, USA
    GaN Nanostructures (or how to Take Transistor Linearity to new Levels)

  5. Lynn Petersen
    ONR, USA
    Navy Application of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Wide Bandgap (WBG) Semiconductors Enabling Future Power and Energy Systems

  6. Jun Suda
    Nagoya University, Japan
    Electrical characterization of homoepitaxial GaN layers for GaN vertical power devices

  7. Tetsuo Narita
    Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc., Japan
    Donor states of carbon in p-type GaN grown by MOVPE

  8. Grzegorz Cywinski
    Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Poland
    EdgeFET Devices Fabricated on 2DEG GaN/AlGaN Heterostructures for Basic and Applied Sciences

  9. Atsushi Yamada
    Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan
    Ultralow-sheet-resistance high-electron-mobility transistor structures with strain-controlled high-Al-composition AlGaN barrier


  1. Yoshihiro Kangawa
    RIAM, Kyushu University, Japan
    Theoretical study: Impurity incorporation in GaN MOVPE

  2. Alexey Toropov
    IOFFE Institute of Physics, St Petersburg, Russia
    Optical properties of 1ML GaN in AlN: what happens beyond the envelope function approach

  3. Stanislaw Krukowski
    Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Poland
    Adsorption at nitride semiconductors surfaces - electronic aspects: surface states occupation, the equilibrium pressure, growth and doping

  4. Agnieszka Jamroz
    University of Warsaw, Poland
    Morphology and Electronic Structure of Carbon Doped Hexagonal Boron Nitride

  5. Kenji Shiraishi
    Nagoya University, Japan
    First Principles and Thermodynamic Studies on GaN MOVPE Processes

  6. Douglas L. Irving
    North Carolina State University, USA
    Compensation in Si-doped AlN: Mechanisms and opportunities

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