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Anniversary Symposium “Unipress 50”

The Anniversary Symposium “Unipress 50” will summarize the 50 years of the scientific activity of the Institute of High Pressure Physics (IHPP), Polish Academy of Sciences, known also as “Unipress”. The Symposium will be held on 7/8th October 2022 in Staszic Palace in Warsaw. The main goal of the Symposium is to present the Institute’s position against the background of world achievements in the fields of Unipress research activity.

The meeting will gather the world-class specialists in III-N semiconductors, THz physics and nanomaterials, including prof. Hiroshi Amano, a Nobel Prize winner. The recent progress and future research directions will be discussed with “Unipress” past and present contributions in mind.

The first day of the Symposium will start with an Opening Session, followed by three Plenary Sessions devoted to Nitride Semiconductors. They will consist of presentations by Unipress distinguished collaborators and researchers.

Then panel discussions encouraging suggestions as to the future attractive subjects in the field of III-N materials and their applications will take place with contributions from all Symposium participants.

Presentations of the second day of the Symposium will focus on nanomaterials, soft matter and glass and THz physics. Our guests, collaborators as well as Unipress researchers will discuss the highlights of the related subjects.

Posters exhibited during the entire Symposium will feature the scientific contributions of Unipress relevant to its achievements.

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